About Colombia

Planning to visit us? First of all, get rid of all your prejudices. If something should be said about Colombians and Colombia, it is that everything here is done passionately: living, partying and arguing. "Intense" might be a word that describes not only 40'000.000 warm hearted people but that also applies to the whole of experiencing Colombia: the lavish green of the amazon, the deep blue of both our oceans and one of the most exuberant and diverse fauna and flora in the planet.

Colombia is a country for "travellers" more than tourists; if you are willing to spend some days babbling Spanish, dealing with a diferent perception of time and marvelling yourself at a country full of contradictions, this is your place. In spite of being a tropical country Colombia's weather is not the same across the territory: don't be fooled by a flat map and be prepared to visit a chilly capital city 2.600 mt above sea level, or the extensive warm valley of the Magdalena river 300 mts above the sea level (and only 150 km away). This geographical variety also brings a cultural richness, which added to our colonial history results in a society where racial, ideological and cultural ends meet.

Colombia is such a beautiful country, their people are always happy despite the hardship they've been through, go to Colombia with an open mind and heart and I guarantee you wil come back full of great memories.

There's lots to see in Colombia, there are lots of Balnearios, or "retreats" within the cities, they have olympic pools, play areas for children, and they cook home made lunche/dinner at an affordable price, you could spend the whole day at this balnearios!

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