About Greenland

Greenland is great if you are into dog sleighing or snow scooters. Big parts of this big land are covered with snow all year round, and as a result sport the worlds second largest glacial cap (after Antarctica) more than a kilometer thick.

The capital city Nuuk is located in the West. It is an ideal starting place for exploring the rest of the country and one of the best places to find transport, accommodation and arrange the details of your trip.

South Greenland will appeal most to visitors seeking excellent outdoor activities from hiking to serious rock climbing. Field ice (floating sheets of ice—not to be confused with icebergs) drift in this area in spring and summer and occasionally impede vessels that carry supplies to the villages.

In the South Igaliku is a tiny village (known in ancient times as Gardar) shielded by the mountains and blessed with good soil in a sheep-raising and vegetable-growing area.

Nanortalik (pop. 1 500) offers well-kept gardens and scenic views of the surrounding granite mountains. Narsaq, set against a mountain backdrop this village (pop. 1 900) offers several attractions including a museum. Narsarsuaq was founded in 1941 as a U.S. air base—U.S. personnel departed shortly after World War II—is the gateway to the beautiful Skov and Eiriks Fjords. Qaqortoq (Julianehåb) with its multicolored houses perched on a mountainside overlooking icebergs rates as one of the most beautiful towns on the island (with very friendly people).

The East Coast is mostly uninhabited. There are only two major settlements Tasiilaq and Ittoqqortoormiit. The area is very beautiful and boasts the biggest National Park in the world, north of Ittoqqortoormiit; the park is, however, very inaccessible to the ordinary traveller.

In the North Disko bay is a prime destination. It has the best climate in summer - but is of course very cold in winter- and is ideal for outdoor activities especially if you like dog sledges. Further up north, Qaanaaq is the only settlement of some size. It is hard to visit however because of the presence of a US military base. Permits can be hard to get.

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