About Ukraine

Ukraine is a country of many historic treasures and customs, beautifully varied landscapes, and social and economic change.

Ukraine is the birthplace of the first great Slavic state - Kyivian Rus, and during the 10th and 11th centuries Kyivian Rus was among the most influential nation-states in Europe.

For much of its existence, Ukraine has been divided because different regions of the country have been ruled by foreign powers including Poland, Russia, Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Lithuania. Despite heavy Russian influence in the east and often oppressive Soviet occupation, Ukraine has remained faithful to its own traditions. This land bears the mark of ancient mystery and the memory of its people still preserves old customs of remote ages.

With the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine regained its independence. Now you can explore the cultural richness of the Ukrainian steppes, which helped the country become known as the Breadbasket of Europe, the rugged landscapes of the Carpathian Mountains, or health resorts on the Black Sea.

Ukraine one of the most stable and peaceful countries among the former republics of USSR in Eastern Europe. Many locales are still unknown to foreign visitors. Take an opportunity to become privy to the ancient history, to feel the pulsing heart of this land under a thin stratum of time. Set foot on the land that still remembers the epoch of the Great Mother Goddess.

The city of Kiev is beautifully rich with arts and culture as it tries to break itself from the overbearing Russian influence even in todays more modern fashion and the arts. A recent trip to the 2006 Summer Fashion Week has shown a consierable amount of fashion culture within a country that still has considerable issues with underprivlaged groups of society and even human trafficing. Beautiful city and well worth a visit.

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