About Slovenia

Slovenia is the new comer in European Union. A small country, that is most like Western Europe. Bordering from west to Italy, from north to Austria, east to Hungary and south to Croatia. The diversity of country on a small territory makes Slovenia so atractive and easy to explore. It has both natural beauty and historical sights, making it the perfect alternative to any other alpine country.

It is very easy to say that one country is beautiful. What makes Slovenia different, unique in the company of other beautiful countries, is its diversity. It is the only place on our planet were you can find mountains, sea, karst, lowland, ... so closely together.

Slovenia's must sees include:

- Triglav National Park, with Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj

- Karst with many great caves, like Postojna caves, Skocjanske jame and spectacular places like Predjamski grad

- Slovenia's capital Ljubljana /300.000p/ , the only large city, with a certain unique identity

- Slovenian coast with typical north Adriatic towns like Piran or Izola, Portoroz, Koper

- Some of the small medival towns, like: Maribor, Ptuj, Celje, Skofja Loka, Kranj, Radovljica, Novo mesto, Idrija, Kamnik...

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