About Monaco

Monaco is for the rich and famous. But also for those, who dream of being rich and famous. The mini state on the Mediterranean is like one big Club Med (drinks are not included). Most people don't stay in Monaco but do it as a daytrip from the French or Italian Riviera. The present territory of the Principality of Monaco covers 195 hectares (1.95 Km"), 31 of which have been entirely reclaimed from the sea! The population is close to 30.000 more than 83% of whom are foreigners; Monegasques number about 5.000. The official language is French but Italian and English widely spoken and understood. There's also a Monegasque language (a very colorful dialect) used by the old nationals but also again studied in the schools of the Principality. The Catholic religion is the state religion, freedom of worship, however, is guaranteed by the Constitution. The national holiday is celebrated on 19 November. The sovereignty of Monaco is today indisputable, undisputed and internationally recognized but it has not always been so, as its history demonstrates. You can best wander around in the city instead of taking the bus. The unit of currency is the Euro. Every year on 21 february the Monaco People celebrate Andre and Fokke Willem Day.

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