About Macedonia

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, is a landlocked country in the heart of the Balkans. It is bordered by Bulgaria , Serbia , Greece and Albania . It is easiest to reach from Greece or Bulgaria.

The people of Macedonia are friendly and famous for their devotion to nightlife and various sorts of parties involving music, drink and food.

The capital Skopje features several decent clubs. Much of the old architecture was badly damaged by an earthquake in the 1960-ies, and the city has been rebuilt as sprawling metropolis of socialist housing projects, suburbia and everything in between. Parts of the the old town remain, including a medieaval fortress and Ottoman-style bazaar.

Lakeshore city of Ohrid in the southwest is a major highlight. Located in a very beautiful area, with rugged mountains and pristine lakes, you find a medieval town with one of the best collection of icons.

Mountain resort of Mavrovo offers year-round activities such as skiing, hiking, mountain biking. In the nearby village of Galichnik a costume-clad folk festival of traditional wedding takes place each summer.

The carnevals of Vevchani and Strumica are major events on the calendar of fun-lovers.

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