Faroe Islands

About Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands an autonomous area under Danish administration lie between Iceland and Norway. All in all there are 18 islands of which 17 are inhabited. The total population is about 48 000. The islands (reached by air from Denmark and Iceland or by ferry from Iceland, Denmark, Norway or the Shetlands in Scotland) consist of rugged green mountains fjords and countless waterfalls. Other attractions include medieval churches, fishing villages, old farmhouses and sheep. We love it there: It’s not in the least touristy if you stay away from the shoppingstreets in Torshavn. The people are friendly (you can find yourself engaged in long talks with the local fishermen), it’s fairly modern and it has a unique atmosphere. The light which constantly changes is extraordinary. The islands are known for their linguistic diversity as every little “bygd” (settlement) has a very distinctive dialect. We especially enjoyed the towns of Gjogv, Kirkjubo, Torshavn (the capital city), Tjornevik (wide windswept beach) and Saksun (set on the hillside above a tidal lake). Be prepared for sudden changes in its relatively mild climate.

They are a great footballing nation and are envied by the scots something terrible!

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