Krk island

About Krk island

Krk is an island off the coast of Croatia. It is about 400 sq kilometers big and there are 16,402 people living on it. The capital of the island is also called Krk. Sights in Krk include the medieval moats and a cathedral from the 13-th century.

Other sights on the island include Roman terms, churches and Venetian paintings.

Main destinations on Krk are Malinska for sun sea sand, Punat for its marina, Baska famous as top destination if you are looking for nicest beaches and Vrbnik because of its good looks.

The “golden island”, as the island of Krk has been called since ancient times, is the nearest island to western Europe. The latitude of the island is 45° and the longitude is 14°35'. We do not consider it an island so much anymore because it has been connected with mainland since 1980 a 1400m long bridge made of reinforced concrete. Krk has approximately 16500 year round inhabitants in seventy different settlements. You can reach Krk by land, sea and by air because there is also an airport ( Rijeka airport) which can handle large and small planes. The island doesn't have a railway. The nearest railway station is in Rijeka, only 30 km from Krk. There are daily trains to and from Italy, Austria, Germany and Hungary. Rijeka also has daily coach lines which connest all European points such as Munich, Zurich, Trieste, etc. If you like boat rides you can also reach Rijeka by ferry and one of the safe harbours of the island in your own boat. You can leave your boat during the winter in Marina Punat or in other marinas offering dry storage.

The island Krk has many different landscapes . The north part of the island is almost bare because of the strong wind called “bura”, while the southernpart abounds with greenness and gentle bays. Inland, rocky hills alternate with fertile fields.This sort of relief favorably provides for the cultivation of grapes and the production of the well-known wine “Vrbnička Žlahtina .”

In the woods , lovers of nature and hunting can come across the fox, roe-buck, wild cat and marten while there are also some birds like the snipe, wild duck, griffon vulture and several other types. On the island Krk there are several dozen marked tourist paths which lead through the woods and by the sea shore. There are printed guides available at any tourist ofice. The underwater world around the island of Krk is very interesting, and there are several local and international diving clubs. You can get a diving licence at the local harbor master's office. You need to present your passport, your diving qualification and pay a fee. To fill bottles you need to contact one of the diving clubs. Of all the summer recreation sports, the most interesting ones are water sports . Those particulary attractive are paragliding, waterskiing and jet skis. If you can't visit the island Krk during the summer, come in spring or autumn. If the weather is nice, you can have a swim in the sea in June, September and October. There are some (brave ones) who swim from April to November.

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