About Armenia

Armenia is the oldest Christian state in the world. The landlocked state in the Caucasus has quite a few sites that testify of its early Christian origins. This together with the great mountain scenery and some good wines make it a interesting destination.

Armenia has only acquired its independence from the Soviet Union recently and the start of the new republic has been a bumpy one. A war with neighbouring Azerbaijan over Nagorny Karabach being the main problem.

If you fly in your trip will probably start in Yerevan, the capital city. Culturally and economically it is the most important place in Armenia. Garni and Geghard are excellent daytrips from the capital.

Echmiadzin is the religious capital of Armenia and is the place of residence of the leader of the Aremenian Church.

While Alaverdi in the northern province of Lorri is not particularly interesting, two breathtaking monasteries, Sanahin and Haghpat, and a basilica in Odzun, all three just above the town, are really worth a visit.

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