Trinidad and Tobago

About Trinidad and Tobago

Located just north of Venezuela, between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean , the islands of Trinidad and Tobago offer some of the best holiday destinations of the Caribbean.

Due to this location, both islands enjoy a tropical climate and lush, dense vegetation which boasts many bird species (as a matter of fact, they are so numerous that Trinidad and Tobago are considered to be a bird watchers’ paradise). Other animals can be seen, such as butterflies, amphibians, monkeys and reptiles, including leatherback turtles that come to lay their eggs in the islands’ coastal regions (nesting season runs from March to August).

Although Trinidad is not known for its beaches, it has a few well worth a visit. Tobago, on the other hand, has many gorgeous and secluded beaches and bays, ideal for swimming and snorkelling. Diving is also a great option in Tobago, for it presents an abundant and diverse marine life. From rainy forests to mangrove swamps to beautiful unspoiled beaches and water falls, the islands offer nature lovers plenty of activities to engage in.

But nature lovers are not the only ones visiting this destination. Being much more developed and populated than Tobago, which remains more authentic, relaxed and slow paced, Trinidad has a rich nightlife with nightclubs, discos and casinos and a cosmopolitan feel, particularly in Port of Spain, the country's capital. Also, during Carnival (peak season), all islanders and many tourists gather on the streets of Trinidad and Tobago and party for days (celebrations begin right after Christmas!).

So, whether you are looking for peaceful and lovely beaches, great food, the contact with nature or wild parties, the islands of Trinidad and Tobago may certainly be the place for you.

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