Saint Kitts and Nevis

About Saint Kitts and Nevis

This lush tropical paradise could easily be in the South Pacific rather than the Caribbean. With lush forests and a dormant volcano, St Kitts and it's sister island Nevis are often called 'the secret The Caribbean.' St Kitts and Nevis were British colonies for hundreds of years, and the legacy lingers with afternoon tea and Cricket. They got their independence from Britain in September 1983. St. Kitts is the larger of the two islands, it is the more "developed" of the two. Its capital city is called Basseterre.

In comparison with other caribbean islands, St. Kitts and Nevis do not get the heavy tourist crowds other islands such as St Thomas and St Maarteen get. A few cruiseships maybe a couple days a week. While there are several resort hotels by the coastline, there are also small mountain inns in the countryside which are quite nice. (and not necessarily budget, though, it would be good to inquire, anyway)

St Kitts has its towering mountain (inactive) volcano called Mt Liamuiga , (mount Misery) which is a good easy 2-3 hr hike to the summit. The vegetation is very lush and tropical. There are large sugar cane fields in the area (in the lowlands), and a sugar mill in the east side of the island. St Kitts has a large fort called Brimstone Hill built by the British. Brimstone Hill is known as the Gibraltar of the West Indies, and has seen much bloodshed. The hill is said to be unclimbable, yet control of the fortress changed hands several times between the French and English between 1627 and 1713. If memory serves correct. In the end the French were defeated after something like an 18 month battle. When over thrown, the French were allowed to leave the fortress flags flying and drums beating. Brimstone Fortress was left to decay for many years until it's historic significance was realized, and it was turned into a National Park. Recently restored, It is now pretty well maintained, and in a clear day you get a panoramic view of some of the surrounding islands, such as St Eustachious and Saba.

For the people from UK who visit, Basseterre downtown has a very small version of Picadilly Circus. Basseterre is filled with history. A short talk with a local will reveal an interesting story about the Independece Square and the adjacent buildings.

There are some great beaches in St Kitts. One of the better known ones is called Frigate Bay, where the the Atlantic and Caribbean sides are a mere 150 metres apart. Also, if you drive on the paved road on the east side peninsula of St. Kitts (St. Kitts sort of has the shape of a "chicken leg", sort of round oval and then this long thin peninsula) you will be able to see Atlantic shore on the north side (rougher water) and Caribben shore on the south side (quieter water). The view is just amazing, and you can always stop for a swim.

St. Kitts is worth a visit, even for a day or two. The place is very relaxing, and visitors can go swimming, hiking, light shopping and even some sightseeing.

A daytrip by ferry to Nevis is always an option. (1 hr each way) Nevis has a large volcano, called Mt Nevis and also nice coastline and some resorts, both in the mountains and along the coastline. There is a small version of Bath, but a far cry from the one in the UK. (not really well kept) The Four Seasons Nevis is one of the top resorts in the caribbean. Be sure to drop by to check out the place... true paradise, and if staying there is off your budget, then maybe just sit down and enjoy an expensive drink or snack...

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