About Martinique

La Martinique is a bit of France in the Caribbean. Located over 4,000 miles from Paris, it is a full fledged French "région". The French came in 1674 and with the exception of a short lived British occupation, the island has been in French hands ever since.

Before Columbus discovered the island in 1502, the Caribs called it Isle of Flowers and floral it has remained up to this day. You will find frangipani, wild orchids, hibiscus and neon-bright bougainville all over the place.

The capital city of the island is Fort-de-France a very stylish and sophisticated city. South of the city you find many excellent beaches, be careful if you have young children. There are some beaches that allow nudists. Mont Pelee is in the north of the island. The volcanoe buried the old capital city, St. Pierre under lava and ashes back in 1902. With a height of over 4,000 feet it is the highest point of the island.

Martinique is a french speaking island.

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