Central America

About Central America

Map of Central America and the Caribbean

The countries of Central America are all former spanish colonies, with the exception of Belize, which was under British rule until 1980. Their culture is a mixture of Spanish culture with native Indian influences, and a touch of Carribean flavour.

In Central-America, Mexico receives most visitors. Mexico City, Acapulco , Baja California are all top tourist attractions. Yucatan with its many Maya sites should be on top of your priority list as well.

South of Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras combine some of the best Maya sights with interesting Indian markets in small villages. Costa Rica is the top destination for eco tourism. Panama is off the beaten track, but crossing the Darien gap or visiting the San blas islands is a unique experience.

The Caribbean offers rum and reggae, lots of sunshine and sandy beaches. There are so many islands to choose from while all of them are beautiful, relaxing and exciting at the same time. The biggest islands Cuba , Haiti and Jamaica have loads of sights and are great for sun-worshippers with their numerous white sandy beaches.

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