Western Samoa

About Western Samoa

The Samoa Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean. Western Samoa is an independent country. American Samoa is part of the United States. Both groups of islands were discoverd by the same ecplorer Jacon Roggeveen and share one culture.

The islands of Western Samoa are known for white sand beaches, rugged forested mountains, steep gorges, numerous waterfalls, lava fields, blowholes, dormant volcanoes and coconut plantations. Many many people think of Samoa thanks to the works of the Scottish author Robert L. Stevenson and his book on the "Treasure Island.". Actually Samoa consists of two major islands and seven smaller ones. Upolu is the most densely populated of the two main islands of Samoa. The Capital of Samoa is Apia , which is located in the north. Also the international airport is located here. The other island named Savaii is a fascinating island and the local people live life at an easy and gentle pace. Total land area is 2934 square km. There is an exclusive marine economic zone covering some 130,000 sq km. The islands are volcanic and dominated by rugged mountain ranges with a 4-5 km skirt of gently sloping fertile land to which is attached a fringe of coral reefs and lagoons that surround the islands.

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