About Tuvalu

Tuvalu consists of nine remote atolls in the great Pacific. The islands are low-lying coral formations, covered by coconut palms. The nearest island nations are Fiji to the South, Kiribati to the North, Samoa to the East and the Solomon Islands to the West.

In 1995 Tuvalu's population was estimated at 9,900, one third of these living on Funafuti Atoll. Tuvaluans are ethnic Polynesians. With a land area of 30 square kilometres (12 square miles) Tuvalu is reckoned the world's 4th smallest nation. It is a realm of Queen Elizabeth II represented by a Governor General. The Parliament has only 12 members and the Prime Minister leads the party with the most number of seats.

Fongafale on Funafuti atoll is the capital of Tuvalu & the administration offices, a hotel, the jail and the hospital are all located there. The main languages are Tuvaluan (related to several languages in the region, especially Samoan) and English. Both languages are taught in schools.

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