Northern Mariana Islands

About Northern Mariana Islands

The Northern Mariana islands are located in the Great Pacific. They consist of a chain of 14 islands nearly 80 km long. The islands are of volcanic origin.

The islands are really pretty with many beautiful bays, spectacular cliffs, caves and mountains on all sides. There are numerous coral reefs and the clear water makes them particularly good for diving.

Saipan is the largest island with good tourist infrastucture and shopping facilities. Its western shore is encircled by a barrier reef, creating a lagoon with white sand beaches. Attractions on Saipan include the last command post of the Japanese Imperial Army known as Banadero, with World War II cannons, tanks and artillery preserved in a limestone cave.

The island of Tinian , 3 miles south of Saipan, has a rugged coastline with tiny coves. The mian attracxtion is the House of Taga, a temple or meeting house associated with the legendary chief Taga. It consists of magnificent stone pillars, carved in the traditional way and transported from nearby coastal areas.

Rota is a small and friendly island with a variety of natural attractions. In the main village of Songsong, life is conducted at a leisurely pace. Managha Island and Isleta Maigo Fahang (also known as Bird Island) are beautiful, unspoilt islands, set aside as nature reserves.

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