About Fiji

Fiji is one of these paradise islands in the Pacific. But the island has more to offer than just beaches where you can bum, and water where you can snorkel.

There are many scenic and historic attractions in Fiji. The capital, Suva, has many old shops and markets with various foods, artefacts, handicrafts and especially seafood. Places of historic interest include the National Museum, situated in the lush surrounds of Thurston Gardens next to Government House and the old Parliament Buildings. Other sites of interest on Fiji include the Cultural Centre at Orchid Island, just outside of Suva, the mysterious earthworks at Taveuni and the old colonial houses (situated around Fiji).

Very typical for Fiji are three things : The first is the word “Bula”! This will probably be your first word when arriving in Fiji. Meaning “welcome” but also “be at ease”, it will most definitely make you feel both. Secondly it is common refrain repeated by all who travelled to Fiji, is that the islands of Fiji are not only among the most pristine in the world, but also inhabited by the friendliest people. And last but not least the world renowned Island Resorts, resorts on private islands, many of them within easy reach from the international airports of Nadi and Suva.

The ethnic variety of Fiji society can be seen mainly in the towns. There are powerfully built Fijians dressed in wrap-around sulus, numerous Indians, men in Western clothes, women wearing colourful saris and a scattering of European, Chinese and other Pacific Islanders. One tradition of both the Indians and Fijians is the practice of fire-walking. Fijian fire-walking has its origin in legend, while Indian fire-walking is done for religious reasons; although tourists can pay to see these ceremonies, the ritual remains a religious penance and not merely a tourist attraction. Cruises on large schooners or yachts to the different islands can be arranged, and tours around the main islands in comfortable coaches are also available.

For the hardier, hiking in the mountains with dramatic views of the islands is another option.

If you are interested to view the Map of Fiji, please do not hesitate to check out the Fiji Mapserver Website on Fiji is a very nice place to go and visit although it has many island i suggest that you try a cruise to visit all the islands.

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