Cook Islands

About Cook Islands

Suprising fact: the Cook islands cover a surface bigger than India. Most of it is Pacific Ocean of course, but still, the 15 islands in the heart of the South Pacific known as the Cook islands spread over an area the size of India with a total population of just 14,000 souls.

These unique and friendly Polynesians have their own language and government and enjoy a vigorous and diverse culture with significant differences between each island. Despite some 70,000 visitors a year to the capital island – Rarotonga – the Cooks are largely unspoiled by tourism. They offer a rare opportunity for people from the cities of the world to experience a different type of vacation. There are no high-rise hotels, only four beach buggies and very little hype. Ideal for travellers seeking more than the usual clichés associated with the South Seas, each island has its unique qualities and offers the visitor a special experience.

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