Koh chang

About Koh chang

Off Thailand’s southeastern coast Koh Chang is Thailand’s second-largest island after Phuket. The Koh Chang National Marine Park occupies most of Koh Chang as well as several nearby islands. The island is located 140 mi/225 km southeast of Bangkok. In recent years the island has become more popular with travelers and Thai people alike. There are only a few beach resorts. The standards of beach huts vary quite a bit. Some are open only the dry seasons. Most better beaches (and better accommodation) you can find on the west coast. Besides hanging around at the beach you can do some nice walking on Ko Chang.

Arriving on Ko Chang by boat, you are greeted by many truck taxis waiting to take you around the island. The roads are steep and winding at times, but these local treks will be memorable.

One of the more popular places to stay is a beach-side hut called the Tree House. It is operated by a wonderful German transplanted to the island. The food here is wonderful and very cheap. If you stay at the next hut complex, the walk to the Tree House is worth it for dinner..

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