About Pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan extends along either side of the historic Indus River, following its course from the mountain valleys of the Himalayas down to the Arabian Sea. Bordering on India, China, Afghanistan and Iran, it is strategically located astride the ancient trade routes between Asia and Europe.

Pakistan has a lot to offer to the exploring traveler. In the south you'll find beautiful beaches, lagoons and mangrove forests. The high uprising peaks of the Himalayan, the Karakorams and the Hindu Kush mountain ranges dominate the north, with the K2 (8611 m.) as a final challenge to alpinists. Without doubt this is one of the most beautiful mountain regions in the world. The Karakoram Highway which runs over the over the Khunjerab pass and leads from Islamabad via Gilgit, Hunza valley and Passu to Kashgar in China is an unforgetable way to see this region. The nearby Valleys of Chitral , Swat and Skardu are extremely beautiful as well. Landscapes in the north range from Swiss style mountain scenery to what you can expect to see on the moon.

Between the mountains in the North and the sandy beaches in the South, there are all sorts of landscapes from harsh deserts and green valleys to fertile plains and desolate plateaus.

In the Mounatins of Himalaya in North West Frontier Province and Northern Punjab you can find one of the finest pine forests & in coastal areas you can find mangroves Forests.

Pakistan has the longest glaciers in the world outside the polar regions Siachen (71 km long glacier) Biafo (64 km long) and Hispar (64 km long) are there in Pakistan. Not only Glaciers and snow covered peaks are there are there Desrta in Pakistan have there own beauty .Thar & Cholistan are the best deserts to see there.The Sea coast has his own charm with Gwadar the worth place to see in coastal areas

But it’s not just natures wonders to be see here. Though Pakistan as a country is relatively new on the world map, it’s really the birthplace of mankind. Fossils of Homo sapiens found in the area date back 50,000 years. Ruins of Moen-jo-Daro which is the oldest civilization after mesopotamia and egypt are found there. Pakistan has ruins of the most ancient civilization of the planet and has cities that have been full of life for centuries now, and have the monuments to show for it. Most interesting city of all is the capital Islamabad , but Peshawar or Quetta are also well worth your visit, and then there's the city of contrasts Karachi, also called the city of lights or Lahore, the city best known for its beautiful gardens, were the national flower, Jasmine, grows abundantly that should not be missed either.

Beside cities Gilgit, Hunza, Chitral, Skardu, Swat, Kaghan valley and Azad Kashmir are the worth places to see in Pakistan although most of Kashmir is a fighting place where both India and Pakistan make their claim. Still Pakistan has got some beautiful parts of Kashmir with it which include the most famous Neelum valley, Rawalakot and Muzzeferabad.

There are few countries in the world where one finds such a diverse climate and areas. One side it has some places where temperature rises to 55 degree centigrade while in other places the temperature in winter is well below -50 degree centigrade. From the tallest mountains in the world to wonderful deserts and the most fascinating deserts like Chulistan. Here the past and present live side-by-side. Harrapa and Mohenjodaro are the birth places to civilizations of modern mankind. These were the places where for the first time decimal system and use of “zero” is found, the most modern cities of their time in the world. One side one can find the people and area where religious and literary masterpieces like RIG VEDA had been made in the mountainous regions of North West frontier while Indus valley is found to be first true classless society. The historical Khyber Pass is the doorway to India is in Pakistan and many people are amazed to see the eight wonder of the world in the shape of SILK ROAD In Texilla and Swat where once the best universities of the world used to teach the students all over the world not only religion (Buddhism) but laying down the foundations of art and literature and grammar. Murree hills and nearby mountains of Hazara , swat, Kaghaan and Azad Kashmir are the evergreen mountains which can be visited in some few days while still staying in Islamabad .

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