About Lebanon

Lebanon is a small country in the Middle East. Until mid 70s, it was a very popular destination for both travelers and businessmen. The capital Beirut was considered as Paris of the middle east.

The civil war changed that. Now that the war is over (thank GOD), Lebanon is getting back on its feet. And it still is a lovely country with ancient monuments, great nature scenery, and the possibility to ski and go the the beach on the same day.

Baalbek is also on your must see list. The ruins are very impressive. Baalbek can be visited easily from the town of Zahle , which is worth a visit itself.

On the coast you'll find several nice places to visit as well, such as Sidon , Tripoli and Tyre. The mountain scenery of Bcharre is great and you should try to find the time to go hiking there.

Don't miss visiting Jeita cave, it's something you would not want to miss.

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