About Iran

Iran has a rich culture and, it remains widely misrepresented and little understood by the general public. Iranians are most friendly people. Forget about what you saw on the news, go and use your own eyes. You will not be disappointed. It is a great country to travel, with efficient public transport, old cities packed with sights, ruins from ancient Persian and Caspian Sea beach resorts.

Iran is located in the Middle East, bordering the Gulf of Oman, the Persian Gulf, and the Caspian Sea, between Iraq and Pakistan. Slightly larger than Alaska, it covers the territory in 1.648 million sq km and has a population of 65,619,636 people.

The capital of Iran is Tehran and its political and cultural center. It is a big city, but not unpretty. From it you can reach Tabriz in the west, the old capital city with lots of sights and a great bazaar.

Iran is a country with great ancient sights, rich culture, splendid cuisine and a very hospitable people. Despite the political winds this is a great country to visit.

Iran will be any person’s thrill concerning vacation destinations. All the places visited and people will stay in you mind for a long time. This country is very rich in cultural history, and lacks of tourism as it is wonderful to explore and get astonished by its wonderful landscapes and historical sites.

Although the country’s changed since the government policies of Ayatollah Khomeini which keep people living in a different way than before and “some harsh rules” are people daily life, Iranians can be extremely gentle and nice to foreigners, full of interest to hear about foreign things and to know how other countries live.

Iran is a country which suffered changes held by Arabs, Mongols, Turkish Ottoman, Portuguese, Dutch, etc, but which will never lose the presence of the ancient Persian Empire and Persian Culture, unique in the whole world. The highlight of this Empire can yet be experience visiting its Capital City Persepolis or Fars near Shiraz .

The Southern part of the country in the Persian Gulf is in fact very beautiful and interesting. It's strange how to go down a few thousand miles South the country and find European presence. The Portuguese presence still remaining in street names, local settlements and forgotten defence castles like in Qeshme Island are things very interesting to visit.

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