About Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe could be a fantastic place for tourism. Only 20 years ago, it was the richest country in Africa. However, the present economical and political situation make it not a country you want to visit as a tourist. While the eastern parts of the country are strife torn, the western part is somewhat more safe for the traveller.

The most visited place are the spectacular Victoria Falls. They can be seen on a short trip from Botswana or South Africa but in doing so they are missing some fascinating areas. Visitor to Zimbabwe can gaze upon hundreds of species of tropical wildlife, thrill to the experience of white water rafting, scale chilly mountain peaks and savour the history of a people that goes back tens of thousands of years? Yet these pleasures are but a few of those waiting to be discovered by the traveller who plans to visit this gem in the heart of Africa. More highlights are the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, the beautiful Lake Kariba and also the two biggest cities of Zimbabwe are worth a visit: Harare and Bulawayo. Last but not least, to the east are the so-called Eastern Highlands, fine walking and fishing country, so cool that at certain times of the year, the grass in the morning can be trimmed with frost. In the west is the other-worldly jumble of granite rocks that make up the Matopos National Park. Zimbabwe's largest wildlife sanctuary is Hwange National Park, situated on the western border with Botswana. Hwange is home to one of Africa's largest elephant populations and myriad other species. Other excellent game viewing areas are Matusadona, Mana Pools and Zambezi National Parks.

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