About Uganda

Uganda is landlocked, bordering Rwanda and Tanzania to the south, Kenya to the east, Sudan to the north and Zaire to the west. Oral tradition describes several African Kingdoms in the area. Uganda has magnificent scenery, including snowcapped mountain, thick tropical forests and semidesert areas. Lakes cover more than a sixth of Uganda. The capital is Kampala which is well worth a visit. Other interesting places to visit are Ssese Islands, Entebbe and Kabale. Highly recommmended is also the Bwindi National Park.

With the exception of some few parts of Northern Uganda still plagued by the Lord's Resistance Army rebellion, the country is generally peaceful and enjoys full security. The Country is located in the heart of the great African high Plateau that rolls from Ethiopian highlands towards southern Africa. It lies astride the Equator between Latitudes, 4° 12°N and 1° 29°S. Its bound with Longitude 29° 34°E and 35° O' E.

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