About Somaliland

Although Somaliland is not recognized by the international community as an independent country, it is listed seperately here, because it effectively behaves like a state of its own. And might we add, a state that is a lot safer to travel in than neighbouring Somalia.

The Somaliland style of government combines traditional practices of tribal democracy with the idea of minmal government and altough this may come as a suprise: it works!

Most parts of Somaliland can be visited without danger. There are a few regular flights from Ethiopia and Djibouti and some humanitarian flights from Nairobi.Hargeisa is not exactly what you would call a tourist destination. But if you do get there, Somaliland offers a unique insight in Somali culture and lifestyle without the dangers you would be facing if you wanted to experience this in 'real Somalia'. Still security is not the best.

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