About Nigeria

Nigeria is the most important country of West Africa. It borders on Cameroon in the East, Chad and Niger in the North and Benin in the West. Nigeria is the most populous country of Africa with over 137 million inhabitants. Its an oil rich Nation but the people are poor because of rampant corruption and high population.

Abuja the capital is a growing city with modern landscape. Ibadan is the second biggest cities, and from a distance it looks a lot like an Italian city, because of the colour of the roofs of the houses. The centre for Tropical Agriculture is not only a very interesting place but also boasts one of the best Golf courts in the country

The most interesting city of the North is without a doubt Kano . A very old centre of learning and an important emirate before the British arrived, it still is a great city to explore. Zaria and Sokoto - with a real Sultan - are two other of these old Hausa cities you can visit.

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