Guinee Conakry

About Guinee Conakry

Guinee Conakry is one of those countries where traveling means hard work. Roads are in bad shape in the dry season and in no shape during the rainy season. But hard work is often the most rewarding work; the people of Guinee are very friendly and the landscape can be breathtaking

Near Conakry you will find some good beaches especially on the Iles de los just south of the capital. The town itself has a few nice markets.

The North of Guinee and especially the region known as Fouta Djalon offers great hiking possibilities. The Fouta Djalon has green rolling hills with many peeks over 1000 meters. Labe , Pita and Dalaba are the largest cities in the Fouta Djalon and a good starting points for treks. Faranah and Kankan are the biggest city in the north-east. If you are travelling to Mali you will probably be making a stop in both.

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