About Ghana

Economically, Ghana is one of the most sucessful countries in West-Africa. It also has a lot to offer to visitors. on a relatively small area and since transport is good by African standards you will find travel enjoyable.

Your trip to Ghana will probably start in Accra, the capital. It is a vibrant city with some good museums and many colourful markets. It is an ideal starting place to explore the country since the distances are not too big and Accra is the travel hub of Ghana.

The coast towns of Ghana played an important role in the days of the slave trade and there are many forts that remind you of this period. The forts and the beaches are the prime attraction of this area. Elmina, Cape coast Shama and Dixcove - where you can sleep on the beach or in a fort - are among the hot spot on the coast.

When you visit a slavefort you feel the history lumbering between the walls. you feel the presence of the slave their souls. The most important thing is that you remember what happened there when you leave the place again.

In the centre of the country Kumasi has a huge market and great opportunities for buying art and handicrafts. Although the city is wonderful and abuzz, it can be disorienting, hot and crowded. The area around is perfect for daytripping.

Kumasi is the hotspot for encountering the african urban feeling. In contrast with Accra (which tries to be as western as possible), Kumasi is proud to be african.

The main tourist attraction in the north is probably Mole National Park which is accessible by public transport from Tamale. There's a very crowded bus that makes the trip each day around 2pm and overnights at the Mole Motel and will take you back to Tamale around 4am. At Mole you can usually see elephants (at least in the dry season). There are also olive baboons and warthogs that hang around the motel.

The great thing about Mole is that you can visit the park on foot. it just makes everyting more real. standing there, waching elephants and other animals in stead of sitting in some kind of tourist jeep.

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