Equatorial Guinea

About Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is a small country in Africa. The capital city Malabo is located on an island of the coast. The island of Bioko is really pretty, with a high mountain and a rough coastline.

The inland is still very much untraveled and offers great opportunities for anyone who wants to feel like Stanley of Livingston. You might even really discover a tribe here that has not seen a white face (or a pink or a yellow one).

Bata is the biggest town on the mainland. Great beaches are to be found close to the town.

The Government do not accept or acknowledge the presence of AIDS in their country. It is an offence even to have an AIDS test. There are lots of pretty African girls in Malabo but the doctor (no names for safety) estimates that 80+% of females over 14 are infected. You have been warned. Arnold D.

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