About Chad

Chad is a landlocked country in the Northern part of Africa. It is bordered by Sudan, Libya, Niger and Cameroon and the Central African Republic. The northern part of Chad is in the Sahara, the southern part is in the Sahel. Most of Chad is dry and arid.

After its independance from France, Chad has had its fair share of turmoil. The capital Ndjamena, known as fort Lamy under the French, had once been one of the best places in the Sahel for nightlife, turned into a grim sort of place. Chad has managed to put that behind it.

Still, not many travelers make it to Chad. And with some reason: Chad is not an easy country to visit. People that are not afraid of some harsh travelling conditions, long distances and exessive heat, it does offer rewarding traveling.

The best sight is probably the Tibesti mountains in Northern Chad. They are of extreme natural beauty and a must see. The capital Ndjamena is the travel hub of the country and located on the banks of Lake chad.

Chad can be part of a crossing the Sahara experience, but is is a bit off the beaten track. It is accesible from Libya. Onward travel could take you to Niger or to Cameroon. See the section about crossing the sahara for more details about the possibilities. In any case check about the present situation before you set out.

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