Central African Republic

About Central African Republic

Although the Central African Republic has seen a bit of political turmoil in recent year, the situation now seems relatively stable again.

Central African Republic has been a favorite hunting destination for rich Europeans for many years. The north of the country is remote but has some of the nicest game parks in the world. Even if you are not into killing animals, you can have a great time here just watching them. The best option for wildlife lovers is probably Dzanga Sangha reserv e in the south.

The south of Central Africa is muddy and dominated by tropical rainforest. The Oubangui river separates the republic form Congo Kinshasa and is the life wire of the country. Bangui the capital is located on the banks of the river and so is Bangassou the second city.

Although Bangui is not an exiting place by Western standards, it has quite some charm. It is easy going most of the time and compared to neighbouring country has a lot to offer to visitors.

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