Cape Verde

About Cape Verde

The Cape Verdian Islands are not far from the main land of West-Africa, but they have a very distinct character. The people on the islands speak Portuguese and mainly live of remittances from migrated family members and fisheries. The islands have an enormous touristic potential that is not yet fully exploited. This is a good reason to go now!

The most important island is Sao Tiago (Santiago) island. Praia, the capital of the country, Cidade Velha and the beaches around Tarrafal are some of the main attractions. Sao vicente is smaller but Mindelo, the capital of the island, is the most lively city of the country and considered the cultural capital of the island.

The main reason to go to Fogo is to hike on the volcano. Another good option for hikers is Brava. Beaches, beaches and beaches is what Sal offers. Most flights from Europe go directly to this island.

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