About Angola

After decades of civil war, Angola is picking up the pieces and rebuilding the country. It is potentially a rich country, with vast reserves of oil and diamonds, but the civil war and ruling elite have not helped the distribution of its resources. While in 2005 the country is still quite tough for travellers (who do not speak Portuguese), it is improving by the month and may become a worthwhile extension of a visit to southern Africa or even a destination in its own right in a few years.

Luanda is the capital of Angola and the biggest city; quite overwhelming for the average traveller. Along the coast, the cities of Lobito and Benguela are more tranquil, but certainly worth a visit. Further south Lubango offers magnificent scenery and quiet surroundings, connected by Angola's best road, to Namibe - a lovely and quiet coastal town.

Kissama (QuiƧama) National Park is located some 70 km south of Luanda. Iona National Park is located some 200 km south of Namibe and borders Namibia's Skeleton Coast.

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